Because of the progress of the research and the writing stage Merel finds herself in, she is (currently) not looking for participants anymore. If you do wish to contribute in a later stage you could always contact her, but please take note that it might take some time for her to answer. 

This study will involve  interviews with one interviewer. The interviews will be scheduled on a time and location that suits you the best and they will take approximately 2 – 3 hours. You will be asked to describe and reflect upon your encounters with sex workers, your motivations, expectations and desires but also on the policy restraints.
There are no strict set of research questions, the interest lays on your personal story. You are therefore allowed to take as much space needed to tell me, the researcher, all that you would like to share and describe. But for the best analysis possible the research will be audio-taped. Jet, the interview will be completely anonymous and is strictly confidential. You are allowed to use a pseudonym during the interview and all material generated will be anonymised.
This study received an ethical vetting which  is not only a recognition that this study is needed but also that the researcher will take full precautions to guarantee the anonymity of the research participants.
Since September 2016 an emerging group of sex work clients, sex workers and allies have come together to create a resource website for education and advocacy. More information can be found on: on this website it is also possible to share your story anonymously.

If you would like to collaborate with the project ‘Purchase of Pleasure’ please fill in this form: