This study seeks to find out more about men and women’s experiences of buying sexual services in the Netherlands and Sweden.


This study aims to give a more nuanced description of the contemporary commercial sex industry by analysing the experiences, meanings and motivations that people directly involved in the industry attach to the purchase of sexual intimacy in Sweden and the Netherlands. It will contextualise and compare these experiences within the current different political landscapes.

Previous comparative research in these two countries have analysed the policies and working conditions of sex workers but little is known about the motivations and expectations of both male and female (heterosexual) clients to pay for sexual services. Yet policy restrictions – especially in Sweden – might influence ones purchasing behaviour. There is therefore a significant gap in the knowledge production on sex work. One of the most important voices, those of the clients, are left unheard.

This study seeks to explore motivations and desires from men and women who purchase sex, who and where they buy sex from, but more importantly how they feel about sharing sexual intimacy with a sex worker while current legislation can restrict those desires.

This exploratory study will involve interviewing (heterosexual) male and female clients of sex workers  who buy sexual services in Sweden and the Netherlands. Research participants will be recruited via online escort agencies, online network sites for clients and through the researchers’ previous sex work contacts. The findings will contribute to a better understanding of the contemporary sex industry in the Netherlands and Sweden. This may in turn contribute to the analysis of national and international prostitution policies that allow for more evidence-based development.

If you have paid for sexual pleasure, whether this was a one time experience or if you visit a sex worker more regularly and want to collaborate in my study, please fill the form by clicking HERE