Purchase of Pleasure is part of the Ph.D. project ‘Consumerism, Moralism and the Law’ carried out by Msc. Merel van Mansom in which she aims to critically analyse the demand side of the Swedish and Dutch sex industry. To shed light on the different demands and desires of female and male clients. Voices of clients are left out of many political, public and academic research and debates about the sex industry. ¬†While many countries aim to develop prostitution policies to end ‘demand’, sex workers and allies are bundeling their powers to raise awareness that (partial) criminalisation – criminalising the John – causes more harm then good. Due to stigma, taboo and the inevitable fact that sexuality is a very sensitive matter to talk about, clients of sex workers are not able to join these debates. It is time for a change!

More information about ‘the purchase of pleasure’, it’s relevance and the researcher can be found on this website . If you would like to be a participant of the research please send an e-mail to purchaseofpleasure@gmail.com or by filling in the contact-¬†form.

It is also possible to fill in an online questionnaire that can be found on the page ‘Questionnaire‘ on this website.

Don’t hesitate to contact Merel if you would like to receive some more information about the research, recent public, political and academical debates and general facts about the contemporary sex industry in the Netherlands and Sweden.




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